Exhibitor with orchid sales

The information on this page is under revision due to af shift in venue for EOCCE Copenhagen. Furthermore the ongoing corona crisis may have effect on the planned dates for the event. As a consequence registration of delegates and exhibitors is temporarily paused

More information will follow a.s.a.p.

It is our goal to make a stunning show, so our visitors feel happy and satisfied, and will recommend the exhibition to friends and family, for more visitors the following days. For this to happen, we depend on our exhibitors to exceed themselves in building colourful, exciting and interesting exhibitions. The exhibitions that are rewarded with medals will receive a discount. We are aware that the fee for selling orchids at our show is high, so the discount is equally large.

The price for a sales booth is 2000 Euro.
You will receive a pass for the exhibition area for 2 persons.

The bigger an exhibition you choose - the bigger a sales booth you receive.

An exhibition size of 2 m2 will have 3 meter of front tables.
An exhibition size of 4 m2 will have 4 meter of front tables.
An exhibition size of 6 m2 will have 5 meter of front tables.
An exhibition size of 9 m2 will have 6 meter of front tables.

You can buy extra tables for your sales area for 100 Euro/meter.

An exhibition that receive a bronze medal by the judging committee will receive a discount of 250 Euro.
A silver medal will receive a discount of 500 Euro.
A gold medal will receive a discount of 750 Euro.

Non orchid sales area cost 100 Euro pr. m2.

All prices are subject to 25% Danish VAT.

Access to electricity and special light must be cleared and paid to the exhibition manager. More information will be available later.

Questions can be directed the exhibition manager Jan Hrolv Larsen


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